What is Superucet [Account Master]?

Superucet is white label of our EBPP platform operated as an internet service in public cloud - conforming to SaaS model (Software As A Service). Key feature is to provide independent bill consolidator service. As integration to payment providers and banks is centralised it brings significant integration cost savings.
Superucet provides user interface suited to fully replace proprietary and single purpose self service portals. However its use is not a precondition. The billing statement can be sent for registered consumers and integrated billers to the predefined destination being it e.g. internet banking, ERP system for further processing.
What problems it aims to solve for your consumers?
  • Non-unified customer experience with online tools and bill delivery
  • Errors when retyping bank wire transfers
  • Missing comfortable tools for home and personal finance agenda management
  • Low awareness of existing online tools provided by service providers
  • Cumbersome registration process into online tools
  • Often forgotten access credentials

What does the service provide?

First solution to the above listed problems. It provides unified consumer experience based on single user interface and unique identity to access all household and personal accounts.
The demo is available here. We will be more than happy then to hear from you that this is the service you would like to give your customers. And any suggestions for new features or improvements are welcome as well.
Key features for billes are summarised in the table below.

Payments via proprietary QR codes with ready to integrate other payment gateways. Propagation of payment statuses.


Lower the costs. Pay per use by not paying for unused capacity. Replace fixed costs by variable costs.


More frequent and efficient communication with consumers not tied to bill cycle frequency.


Calendar of all expenditures and service milestones delivering notifications by selected method.


Unified and yet simple user interface for all services and providers. Ease of use.


It is an open service with seamless integration to other areas e.g. postal services or banks.


Graphs of financial spent with extensibility option to display consumption of specific commodity (gas, electricity, minutes).


Rocksolid 4-layer security system. Starting from user connection down to encryption of each item in the database.


All bills and contracts in single easily accessible online archive. Each service has its own virtual file cabinet.