What is EBPP?

EBPP stands for English abbreviation of "Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment”. EBPP is process covering bill creation, delivery and payment via Internet. Electronic invoicing is becoming more popular with service providers in spite of its unfulfilled promises which is primarily low adoption rate and use.
Our solution mitigates transition issues and makes the switch simpler, cost efficient and fast.
Take advantage of our cloud based service eliminating the need of your own customer self-service portal. Pay only for what you actually use, eliminate high fixed costs associated with acquisition and ongoing operations of your own infrastructure.
Our service is operated within our public cloud or in your private cloud. Public service runs at www.superucet.cz.
What problems do we solve?
  • Unmet expectations from own self-service portals
  • Low adoption and use of own online billing tools
  • High cost of development and ongoing operations of these solutions
  • Lengthy and complex projects
  • Efficiency of collection process
  • New sales opportunities in form of cross and up-sellu
  • Low frequency of communication with consumers due to seasonality of bills

How does EBPP work?

We maintain electronic archive of all received documents. Furthermore our service provides life comforting tools for your consumers. Tools such as calendar of payments and contract maturity dates, notifications over selected channel and virtual file cabinet for each subscribed service makes life really simple. Let your consumers manage all their services in one place including payments. And not to be forgotten, your communication with consumers will become more frequent as well as more efficient as well.
Our solution is fully modular and this can be used also as stand alone components or entire package. Localisation and customisation are built in features and the process is fast and straightforward.
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