What is bill extractor?

Bill extractor is a tool for reducing as much as possible human factor in the process of account receivables. It automates tedious and error prone rekeying of bills into ERP and other accounting systems. It will read the data from scanned, photographed or PDF invoice and returns structured data the invoice contained. Operator's only task is then to visually verify the pre-filled data prior to its import into target system. Entire process is captured at the schema below.
Schema OCR
We estimate that time savings based on this automation is roughly 70% that directly reflects in lowering of variable costs.

The process of bill extractor?

This process has all intelligence to figure out desired data in provided document built-in. It reads them and returns as part of process output. Steps undertaken are shown below.
Schema OCR Document delivery Input document validation Document preprocessing Postal order recognition Available template matching Artifitial intelligence analysis Field validation Plug-ins execution Document filing
It can be tested within Superucet with Czech and Slovak bills here. or via technical interface here.